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Things Centenarians Have In Common August 16, 2013

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My friend Alexandra recently sent me notes from the studies of Mario Martinez about centenarians. This is a quick sketch of his research based on many interviews in different parts of the world. If you google him you will find his many resources. Below is a youtube interview with him that is about 20 minutes in length. An area I am presently exploring is the difference between simply aging and elderhood. There are many emerging resources on this topic that are encouraging. Let me know what you think when you look these over!



 (None of these holds true)

Genetics determine longevity

Vegans live longer (there are NO vegan centenarians)

Vegetarians live longer (there are only a few)

Alzheimer’s is inevitable

Teetotalers and non-smokers live longer (find moderate use of alcohol and tobacco)

Anger should be avoided (expression of emotions rather than bottling up is better)

You’ll die of cancer if you live long enough (most don’t die of prolonged illness)

Aging means a deteriorating mind (mind and brain are quite different and you can stay sharp even if your brain wouldn’t hold up well under an autopsy)

Socio-economic factors determine lifespan

Failing capacities are inevitable


Withholding joy


Fear-based assumptions

Atheism (there are no atheists – vs. a belief in something transcendent — a benign spirit; they tend to be spiritual more than religious)

Lamenting and complaining

Your belief in cultural attitudes will kill you before your  genes do


Consciousness, awareness and ceremony or personal rituals vs. addictive and avoidant behaviors are more effective and immunologically effective

Negotiate rather than have blind faith in authorities; most don’t see doctors and outlive their docs

An absence of envy

Not future-oriented

Optimistic about future and plans – based in joy

Ageless identification and self-regulation; at peace with themselves

Forgiveness at mind-body level

Feel in control of their lives and are committed to their community

Feel they have something to offer: connection brings meaning

Fearless about challenges

Expect to be loved

Self-determined (where do you put the control)

Self-esteem, confidence, valuing the self

Centenarians are rebellious

Balance vs. obsessions


Most don’t go to doctors

We become what we believe

Illness is the cultural belief, disease is the attack on the body/mind; often the cultural belief determines the outcome; culture shapes, biology follows. Even with clogging of arteries, etc.

Buying into the cultural belief system is bad idea; Cultural portals where you might examine your beliefs:  youth, middle-age, retirement, senior citizenship — what do you believe about these?

Lynn Andler is a Centenarians researcher

Not about genetics or food

Rituals such as eating meals together

Sense of belonging

Resilience, optimism are good stress buffers; it isn’t stress but how one responds


Mark Sisson’s Recent Post About Workout Recovery August 15, 2013

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Mark Sisson’s Recent Post About Workout Recovery

As usual a pretty informed piece from Mark Sisson on the constituents of “recovery” with any exercise program. Use his 7 point recovery evaluation for your own exercise efforts and take stock of what is deficient. Then make some effort on this aspect and take note of the changes in how you feel.

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget the posture component of your workouts. One point that is a little different on the posture component is that in many ways muscles that function to align our body are meant to be “on” basically all the time. So this means that they need some daily input. Thinking in terms of the Paleo paradigm one could say that our ancestors always got the postural input by virtue of daily activity. Now we don’t – we have to basically supplement our lives with meaningful physical activity that serves our whole body’s needs and requirements. That’s the conundrum of our culture. More on that later…

The Story of More – Richard Heinberg TEDx Talk June 21, 2013

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The Story of More – a 14 minute TEDx Talk by Richard Heinberg. Ultimately an optimistic appraisal of where the economy is headed should we heed the warning signposts.

10 Workouts From Mark Sisson – Short and Sharp! March 25, 2013

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Here is a link to a recent post at Mark’s Daily Apple. It focuses on 10 different high intensity workouts that can be completed in 10 minutes. The caveat I would add to these is to pay attention to the posture part of the equation. If you have questions about this contact me or leave a comment. Everyone is going to present some alignment deviation that may pose problems with a high intensity endeavor. So I augment the approach he is advocating to include the posture component. So for example if one has rounded shoulders and forward head it is a good idea to do a short “corrective posture” preliminary to the routines he is talking about. Another example might be if your legs are not symmetrical in functioning there are some things that could be done prior to give more balance to the physical structure and hence gain more from the workouts and reinforce postural balance. That being said, I by and large like a lot of his ideas expressed in this post.

10 Workouts in 10 Minutes from Mark’s Daily Apple


Michael Moss – The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Food March 2, 2013

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Yesterday I listened to a great and disturbing interview on Democracy Now with Michael Moss from the New York Times about his new book “Salt Sugar Fat”. Much of his research I am already familiar with yet the details still astound me. That we are highly addictive beings is a bit of a problem that has long been manipulated by the industrial food system. Here he really plumbs those depths to a greater degree than I have seen elsewhere. I still need to read the book. The interview can be found here and the long article for N Y Times mag can be found here

I have advocated for sometime to friends and clients alike the single best thing one can do for themselves and their family is to learn to get in the kitchen and cook. Use the best fresh ingredients you can afford, shop in the periphery of the grocery stores(the bulk of the grocery stores industrial foods usually are in the center), get as much local food from local purveyors, ween your kids on real food so that their taste buds for real food are nurtured early on and just have fun with the real beautiful bounty this earth provides. Studies already show that if kids are obese in their early years they are likely to be so for life! Once upon a time we humans perhaps did not need to give much thought to our food sources, now we do. The best we can do is reject the industrial food that is really quite poisonous and is literally designed to addict us to salt, sugar and I would emphasize the wrong fats, the fats we are not design evolutionarily to digest. Take time to read or listen. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Chris Martenson’s Interview with Mark Sisson, author of “Primal Blueprint” February 14, 2013

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Finally listened to Chris Martenson’s recent podcast interview with Mark Sisson of Marks Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint  fame. Very much worth your 30 minutes. He has done his homework on the subject of connecting the dots between our human genetic heritage and how we are meant to eat and move. Check it out here.

Perils of Forward Head Posture February 13, 2013

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Perils of Forward Head Posture

Something I have been doing for quite a while is a google alert for the word “posture”. So every other day I get an email in my inbox that has all the articles or links to something regarding posture. This helps me see where things are going in the human population with posture alignment issues. Here is one from today’s entry on Forward Head Posture

See if it applies to you! If so, let me know if I can help you get started doing something about it.

Visible Body Blog – The Pelvic Girdle January 26, 2013

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This is a great online blog regarding the human body. This segment is on the beauty of the pelvis. I highly recommend this blog if you are dealing with a physical pain issue or limitation. Knowing the human design is limitless endeavor. When our own body is having problems sometime taking the effort to understand the evolutionary design can be a liberating thing. It allows us to step outside our own body and appreciate this precious gift we gain only by the chance of birth! I believe the more we can ourselves understand and appreciate this gift the better able we are to meet it’s requirements. images

Interview with Lierre Keith Regarding “The Vegetarian Myth” January 24, 2013

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imagesAn old friend and colleague of mine named Beverly Meyer recently did a podcast interview with Lierre Keith who wrote the book “The Vegetarian Myth”. Beverly has a great news letter called “Beverly Meyer On Diet and Health”, that is worth subscribing to. She also has a DVD out called “The Diet for Human Beings” that sounds out her own views based on research on the scene about Paleo dieting, life style and also The Weston Price Foundation research.Unknown

Lierre Keith takes a no holds barred approach to examining the whole agriculture experiment human beings have been on for the last 10,000 years or more. She was a former vegan for twenty years and then abandoned that belief and dietary system as her health began to fail. You might take issue with her conclusions but she makes powerful arguments that jog the mind. You can find the Lierre Keith podcast here

The Hidden Universe Within January 17, 2013

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UnknownThe Hidden Universe Within

Well this was a gem of an interview with Neil Shubin who just published his book “The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People. I like listening to in depth interviews while I am exercising and this one is great and quite thought-provoking. He explores the nature of our bodies containing the elements of an increasingly complex universe.

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