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Exercise, Human Evolution and the Brain – more research on the connections! December 27, 2012

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My Egoscue colleague from Portland, Matt, posted this interesting article from the NY Times over the past weekend. Take a look:

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS, in the New York Times

“Anyone whose resolve to exercise in 2013 is a bit shaky might want to consider an emerging scientific view of human evolution. It suggests that we are clever today in part because a million years ago, we could outrun and outwalk most other mammals over long distances. Our brains were shaped and sharpened by movement, the idea goes, and we continue to require regular physical activity in order for our brains to function optimally.”

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http://naturalrunningcenter.com/ August 10, 2012

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This is a great site with tons of information regarding injury free running, minimalist shoes and barefoot running. It puts out a decent newsletter. I highly recommend you view the video from 1979 on New Zealand runners. Very inspirational and instructive as are many other instructive videos on the site.

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