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The Story of More – Richard Heinberg TEDx Talk June 21, 2013

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The Story of More – a 14 minute TEDx Talk by Richard Heinberg. Ultimately an optimistic appraisal of where the economy is headed should we heed the warning signposts.

Interview with Lierre Keith Regarding “The Vegetarian Myth” January 24, 2013

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imagesAn old friend and colleague of mine named Beverly Meyer recently did a podcast interview with Lierre Keith who wrote the book “The Vegetarian Myth”. Beverly has a great news letter called “Beverly Meyer On Diet and Health”, that is worth subscribing to. She also has a DVD out called “The Diet for Human Beings” that sounds out her own views based on research on the scene about Paleo dieting, life style and also The Weston Price Foundation research.Unknown

Lierre Keith takes a no holds barred approach to examining the whole agriculture experiment human beings have been on for the last 10,000 years or more. She was a former vegan for twenty years and then abandoned that belief and dietary system as her health began to fail. You might take issue with her conclusions but she makes powerful arguments that jog the mind. You can find the Lierre Keith podcast here

The Hidden Universe Within January 17, 2013

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UnknownThe Hidden Universe Within

Well this was a gem of an interview with Neil Shubin who just published his book “The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets, and People. I like listening to in depth interviews while I am exercising and this one is great and quite thought-provoking. He explores the nature of our bodies containing the elements of an increasingly complex universe.

How Does Global Warming Possibly Make Hurricanes More Destructive? October 29, 2012

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This is a good article to give context for evaluating hurricanes like Irene of last year and Sandy of this year. Lets hope as it arrives tonite and tomorrow it does not the damage that people are now predicting. I just looked at Weather Underground where I found this link in a Jeff Master’s blog about hurricane Sandy and the potential damage to the New York area is scary.

Sacred Economics August 21, 2012

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I am reading the book Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein. Here is a short video teaser about the book and his ideas for reframing how we interact as humans and with our planet that we cohabit with all other life forms. He takes on many of the facets of “how money makes the world go round” and posits another paradigm in its place. Very provocative and challenging. Let me know what you think!

Sacred Economics – Short Video about Charles Eisensteins ideas

Exuberant Animal – short video of exercise style August 17, 2012

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I have been checking out the Exuberant Animal website lately. I found it to have lots of compatibility with many of my own views.  It isn’t all just about what we eat, how we exercise and the like. There is the issue of how we choose to be as humans and what is our history of becoming human that is explored in many of the elements of what Exuberant Animal seems to address. The site is linked in my blogroll. Take a look sometime. In the meanwhile, check out this short video here that is called the Short Form of an exercise style. I like it myself and I feel it complements the work focusing on body alignment using the Egoscue Method®.

New Rolling Stone Article From Bill McKibben July 23, 2012

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New Rolling Stone Article From Bill McKibben

McKibben’s latest in depth article about the three important numbers to dissect in understanding global warming and the consequences of run away math!

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