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Michael Pollan interview on new book: Food Rules – An Eaters Manual January 10, 2010

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A nice way to start the new year with a link to a NY Times interview with my favorite food writer Michael Pollan. His new book is called “Food Rules – An Eaters Manual”. The “Well blog” at the times solicited tips from readers, nutritionists and people all over the map on their own useful tips that go with his theme from the his recent book “In Defense of Food”. The theme is summarized in the statement – eat food, not too much, mostly plants.


A Different Take on the Health Care Debate September 13, 2009

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Like many of my friends in the alternative health care industry I am befuddled by the narrow terms of the health care debate. I feel most effort has been on how to fund an already broken system and insure more people into that system. I have been more concerned about what are all the factors that have lead the country into the disease abyss. I am talking about diabetes, obesity, stress related disorders, all the different chronic muscular problems and so on.

On that score probably the single most important factor is WHAT WE EAT! So I would encourage you to look at the op ed piece by Michael Pollan where he delves into the disconnect going on between the views on health care reform and food industry reform. He surveys the landscape of what goes into the rise of eating related health issues, how policy can and needs to be affected away from where we have been to where we need to go toward:

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