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News About “Death by Food Pyramid – Marks Daily Apple December 11, 2013

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News About “Death by Food Pyramid – Marks Daily Apple

I generally respect the blog Mark’s Daily Apple by Mark Sisson and today he is announcing the publication of Denise Minger’s new book “Death by Food Pyramid”. It is on my list to read! Take a look and see if it will make your list.

Michael Moss – The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Food March 2, 2013

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Yesterday I listened to a great and disturbing interview on Democracy Now with Michael Moss from the New York Times about his new book “Salt Sugar Fat”. Much of his research I am already familiar with yet the details still astound me. That we are highly addictive beings is a bit of a problem that has long been manipulated by the industrial food system. Here he really plumbs those depths to a greater degree than I have seen elsewhere. I still need to read the book. The interview can be found here and the long article for N Y Times mag can be found here

I have advocated for sometime to friends and clients alike the single best thing one can do for themselves and their family is to learn to get in the kitchen and cook. Use the best fresh ingredients you can afford, shop in the periphery of the grocery stores(the bulk of the grocery stores industrial foods usually are in the center), get as much local food from local purveyors, ween your kids on real food so that their taste buds for real food are nurtured early on and just have fun with the real beautiful bounty this earth provides. Studies already show that if kids are obese in their early years they are likely to be so for life! Once upon a time we humans perhaps did not need to give much thought to our food sources, now we do. The best we can do is reject the industrial food that is really quite poisonous and is literally designed to addict us to salt, sugar and I would emphasize the wrong fats, the fats we are not design evolutionarily to digest. Take time to read or listen. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Chris Martenson’s Interview with Mark Sisson, author of “Primal Blueprint” February 14, 2013

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Finally listened to Chris Martenson’s recent podcast interview with Mark Sisson of Marks Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint  fame. Very much worth your 30 minutes. He has done his homework on the subject of connecting the dots between our human genetic heritage and how we are meant to eat and move. Check it out here.

Land of a Billion Vegetables October 15, 2012

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Land of a Billion Vegetables

Another thought-provoking article from Mark Bittman of the New York Times about where our vegetables come from. He raises raises some questions directly about the implications of providing a great majority of the countries vegetables from a single area such as the California central valley. But also it begs other questions about a more sustainable approach to our national food production system. I have traversed a good section of the very area he talks about and it is truly quite stunning to drive a bizillion miles of agriculture on both sides of the highway witnessing both back-breaking work in the fields and incredible machinery, things like endless rice paddies that just don’t seem to belong there and so on.

New Law Allows Home Food Production in California September 25, 2012

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A new law that takes effect in January will allow for home produced items (excluding meat and dairy products I believe) to be sold in the community. Read here for more…

The Couch Potato Goes Global July 20, 2012

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About 3.5 million tons of that global human biomass is due to obesity, a third of which exists in North America, although we account for only 6 percent of the world’s population.

Hmmm, something to be proud of?

A Different Take on the Health Care Debate September 13, 2009

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Like many of my friends in the alternative health care industry I am befuddled by the narrow terms of the health care debate. I feel most effort has been on how to fund an already broken system and insure more people into that system. I have been more concerned about what are all the factors that have lead the country into the disease abyss. I am talking about diabetes, obesity, stress related disorders, all the different chronic muscular problems and so on.

On that score probably the single most important factor is WHAT WE EAT! So I would encourage you to look at the op ed piece by Michael Pollan where he delves into the disconnect going on between the views on health care reform and food industry reform. He surveys the landscape of what goes into the rise of eating related health issues, how policy can and needs to be affected away from where we have been to where we need to go toward:

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