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Great interview with Egoscue’s Brian Bradley September 18, 2014

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Here’s a thirteen minute interview with Brian Bradley, a 23 year veteran of the Egoscue Method and Vice President of the company. Give a listen and see if it resonates. Get in touch with me if it rings true to your situation.

Exercise, Human Evolution and the Brain – more research on the connections! December 27, 2012

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My Egoscue colleague from Portland, Matt, posted this interesting article from the NY Times over the past weekend. Take a look:

By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS, in the New York Times

“Anyone whose resolve to exercise in 2013 is a bit shaky might want to consider an emerging scientific view of human evolution. It suggests that we are clever today in part because a million years ago, we could outrun and outwalk most other mammals over long distances. Our brains were shaped and sharpened by movement, the idea goes, and we continue to require regular physical activity in order for our brains to function optimally.”

Click link for more –


More on the Perils of Sitting – New York Times Article December 2, 2012

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images-1I just read an article in the health section of the December 2 Sunday NY Times with more to offer on the modern perils of sitting too much. It is called “Taking a Stand for Office Ergonomics”.  The gist of it is that more research is confirming what many instinctively feel is harmful with being stuck in a chair for hours on end. Here is a quote:

“The research comes more from observing the health results of people’s behavior than from discovering the biological and genetic triggers that may be associated with extended sitting. Still, scientists have determined that after an hour or more of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat in the body declines by as much as 90 percent. Extended sitting, they add, slows the body’s metabolism of glucose and lowers the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol in the blood. Those are risk factors toward developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.”

A solution that has emerged is the now booming industry of ergonomic desks that are adjustable to an upright position allowing the computer user to stand or even walk while working.  I would say that is a positive step.

Of course, I have an additional or even should I say alternate solution ~ exercise for the integrity of your posture.  See my tab “Try These Exercises” on my website http://www.empoweredbodysolutions.com for a short routine to give postural input to your body when sitting too much. It is short enough to do at work if your situation allows. Let me know if it helps

What Not To Do For Back Pain November 20, 2012

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Read this article from the NY Times called “How Back Pain Turned Deadly”. It is about the proliferation steroid injections for symptomatic relief of back pain. Over the years I have seen many clients who have gone this route. In some cases it might have been a reasonable choice to dial back the pain. But this article reveals a dark side of the whole endeavor. I recommend seeking the deeper causes of pain issues rather than chasing the symptom. Take a look:


Move it or Lose It – Nourishing Your Posture! November 9, 2012

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One of my favorite sections of the “Pain Free” book by Pete Egoscue is the chapter on shoulders and common problems we posture alignment therapists see involving the shoulders. He offers the observation that in our society the shoulders are “in a box” with increasingly limited range of movement. It’s as if an invisible barrier prevents our arms from moving every which way they are designed to move. He talks about how our shoulders are both a ball and socket joint and a hinge joint offering an extremely broad range of movement possibilities.

Well that invisible barrier is very tied to the device I am using to write this post – the computer. It has my arms hugging my sides, only partially extended in a forward hinged position. Or maybe it’s the driving or any number of limiting uses of the full range our shoulder design allows. Guess what common shoulder position we see in almost everyone who comes in for a therapy session? Rounded forward of course!  That rounded position then becomes a curse should we decide to throw a ball or reach overhead for something – finding ourselves straining against the limits the changed positioning allows.

Then the other thing that is intriguing in this chapter is that one of the most important exercises used to restore proper shoulder position is his most famous “ecises” called the supine groin progressive which is all about restoring proper hip positioning from side to side. Hmmm, makes you wonder about how the hips and shoulders are connected?

So here are some things I want you to ponder from page 144 of Pain Free by Pete Egoscue:

When Was the Last Time You…

Got down on the floor?

Hung by your hands?

Crawled on your hands and knees?

Threw a ball overhand?

Threw a ball underhand?

Climbed a tree?

Bore weight over your head?

Reached behind you left and right?

Whirled your arms at the shoulder sockets?


Climbed over a fence?

Climbed under a fence?

Stretched on tiptoes?

Raked leaves or grass clippings?

Pushed a heavy object?

Pulled a heavy object?

Swung a bat with both hands?

Swung a stick or a racket with one hand?

Carried more than ten pounds in each hand?

Lift more than 20 pounds with both hands off the floor?

Delivered a forceful blow with your arm and hand?

Held both arms up and out to the sides?

Put both your hands on top of your head?

Balanced on one foot?

Balanced on one foot atop a bench, log or stump?

Walked up a flight of stairs?

Took more than one step at a time (ascending and descending)?


It’s quite a list isn’t? If we don’t use all the muscles involved in these and many other types of movements we are capable of by design then of course our body will begin to conform to the limited demands and become increasingly dysfunctional. It will become mal-positioned in its structure and then lots of problems start cascading.

Two things I recommend. The first is to get a copy of the Pain Free book and study it. The second is to start doing as many (and more) of the activities I just listed. They don’t have to be done all at once. Just consciously begin to engage in the kinds of activities and movements that utilize this wonderful body we are gifted at birth. Remember – move it or lose it!

Using the Wall Drop Exercise September 2, 2012

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This is a short video explaining the use of the Wall Drop exercise. It is commonly used in alignment therapy to address mis-alignment issues affecting the ankle, knee and hip joints, prompting the pelvis into a neutral position, aligning the spinal column, and more.

The Egoscue Method’s Most Unique and Important Exercise July 25, 2012

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A short new youtube update from Brian Bradley of Egoscue San Diego exploring the different muscles targeted in the supine groin progressive exercise using the Egoscue tower. He speaks also to the intended effects of this exercise on the pelvis, femur bones and lumbar spine along with the wider changes that occur throughout the body. Take a look. Email or call me if you have further questions.

Achy From Sitting Too Much? Try These Exercises! July 8, 2012

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Recently I posted an article to WaccoBB.net about the vast amounts of sitting we do and the toll it can take on our body. Take a look and give the exercises a try after a long day. Let me know how it goes.


Youtube interview with David Smith at the San Francisco Egoscue Clinic December 12, 2010

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Here is a great interview on the basic features of the Egoscue Method as told by Dave at the San Francisco Egoscue clinic.  He talks about how Pete Egoscue got started and healed his own body leading to the discovery of the method. He describes typical cases that he sees in his clinic and the process of resolving any kind of musculoskeletal problems. Have a look. It is about 14 minutes in length.


Some favorite finds the past year January 10, 2010

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Here are some things I came across of note this past year worth mentioning.
Favorite movie – Man on Wire
Favorite book – “The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos-Humanity and the New Story” by Brian Swimme
Most played music – probably the soundtrack to “Into the Wild” by Eddie Vedder
Favorite physical activity – doing an Egoscue menu followed by hiking with my hiking buddy Greg
Favorite food this past year – Mostly vegetarian Indian(been going to a place called Sarovar in San Antonio)
Favorite getaway spot – New Years at Padre Island(a full moon on the beach!)
Favorite home garden feature – winter lettuces
Favorite topic to contemplate – health care debate(see previous posts);close second-the horrible economy

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