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More on the health care debate September 16, 2009

Posted by jeffrooney in Andrew Weil, Matt Taibbi.
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There have been a few more items that I have looked at that help round out my views on the health care issues being debated. To my mind I think it is important as I said earlier to look at the general health of the people in the US and determine probable causes. So when we look at the general markers of our “ill health” in comparison to other countries that actually are developed but have a lesser economic perch compared to the US we get a disturbing picture. Our rate of obesity and related chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and so on) is off the charts and continuing to trend upward. Infant mortality rates compare to the third world. Our food system facilitates processed foods over fresh and vital food. We are generally a sedentary people in a car and technology dependent culture. So in addition to bad food that promotes obesity we are not moving enough to maintain the integrity of our bodies. That, to me, is the context of the debate.

Today I heard Andrew Weil weigh in on all these issues on the Diane Rehm show. Please check it out(click here – then click link to show at 11am Sept 15). I think he places the debate in the proper context in like fashion to the op ed piece by Michael Pollan (see previous post).

Another placed to get a larger context is the piece by Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone called Sick and Wrong

His piece is a bit on the harsh side and uses some profanity but his points are well taken.

Finally there is a piece I came across by this guy Paul Craig Roberts who was in the Regan administration in the Treasury department. His piece called Health Care Deceit
rakes the insurance companies over the coals.

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