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The Egoscue Method’s Most Unique and Important Exercise July 25, 2012

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A short new youtube update from Brian Bradley of Egoscue San Diego exploring the different muscles targeted in the supine groin progressive exercise using the Egoscue tower. He speaks also to the intended effects of this exercise on the pelvis, femur bones and lumbar spine along with the wider changes that occur throughout the body. Take a look. Email or call me if you have further questions.

New Rolling Stone Article From Bill McKibben July 23, 2012

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New Rolling Stone Article From Bill McKibben

McKibben’s latest in depth article about the three important numbers to dissect in understanding global warming and the consequences of run away math!

The Couch Potato Goes Global July 20, 2012

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About 3.5 million tons of that global human biomass is due to obesity, a third of which exists in North America, although we account for only 6 percent of the world’s population.

Hmmm, something to be proud of?

22 Bricks on Head, Not Recommend For Those Living in the USA July 9, 2012

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I often use this little video from Bangladesh to illustrate that in our society where much of our labor is a click of a computer key is quite different from situations where physical labor is the order of the day. Hence often the difference in posture. This man may have many problems in his life but poor posture is not one of them. Imagine yourself trying to do this! In our culture a forward head, distorted spinal column and rounded shoulders is the order of the day and a source of many painful conditions.

Achy From Sitting Too Much? Try These Exercises! July 8, 2012

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Recently I posted an article to WaccoBB.net about the vast amounts of sitting we do and the toll it can take on our body. Take a look and give the exercises a try after a long day. Let me know how it goes.


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