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Egoscue Tower video November 8, 2009

Posted by jeffrooney in Egoscue Method, Hip Exercise, Posture.

I noticed this week that the video presentation on the use of the Egoscue tower for the Supine Groin Progressive exercise is up on the home page of Egoscue.com

It is about 13 minutes long. Brian Bradly gives a convincing argument for its use and explains the various reasons why a therapist includes it in an Egoscue regimen. I like how he explains the way the whole body reacts to the exercise so that people can realize the integral benefit to the whole postural frame.

I recommend viewing for those using the exercise and also those who might wonder about the benefit of doing it in relation to their Egoscue program. I think all of us Egoscue practitioners/therapists would love to see all of our clients use this maintaining long term postural integrity. Sometimes clients balk at using it due to the time commitment (one of my clients coined the phrase “hour in the tower”). The use of this exercise is still evolving. More recently it has been discovered that an even more extended use of the tower with added upper body movements can be more effective in many cases. I know that is going to drive the type “A’s” really crazy!



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