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Vaccination debate and swine flu September 6, 2009

Posted by jeffrooney in anti-viral herbs, Egoscue.

I imagine I am not alone in being downright puzzled if not alarmed by the way H1N1 swine flu is being debated and especially in the realm of vaccination policy. Firstly, what is the fear mongering really about? Secondly, what is the nature of the vaccination being deployed to combat it including the inoculation policies in the works? I came across some interesting data at a site called Vaccination Debate that is worth a look. I highly recommend doing some homework on this before submitting to vaccination. There is evidence of central nervous system damage potential with the vaccine that has been developed.

If you are someone who has skepticism or is fearful of the vaccination approach it is worthwhile I think to explore natural alternatives out there. NaturalNews.com posted the top 5 anti-viral herbs or herb combinations that you may want to refer to. Also, a friend of mine, Jackie McLaughlin who is deeper into the use of essential oils recommends Young Living brand as the best bet and has recommended their “Thieves” blend and oregano in particular as a potent anti-viral resources. Additionally it is best to pay attention to really good nutrition, rest, physical movement (if you are doing Egoscue or any other movement discipline keep it up during the flu season) from now through the duration of the flu season.



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