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Assorted new things…to me that is February 17, 2007

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Well it has been quite a hiatus since last post. A number of things have been in the works and new stuff has come across my plate.

I am still reading more on the whole issue of our food chain. See previous posts on some of my concerns, like the one on “Omnivore’s Dilemma”. The latest book I am reading on the topic is called Bitter Harvest and is by a chef named Ann Cooper. The subtitle of the book is “A chef’s perspective on the hidden dangers in the foods we eat and what you can do about it”. Ann is part of the Chefs Collaborative. I think its great that chef’s among others are taking a hard look at our food supply, where the current dangers in food processing lay and alternative solutions.

On a whole other front is some information about a technique a client/friend brought to my attention recently. It is called the Emotional Freedom Technique. It appears to be a relatively simply applied technique for emotional and even broader body/mind balancing. It utilizes a series of acupressure points, gentle tapping and the use of simple “affirmation” phrases addressing anything you can imagine – pain, cravings, emotional trauma and so on. The developer Gary Craig says “try it on anything”. You can go to his website on EFT and download a free initial kit plus has lots of other stuff in DVD form for further self training.

As you might already know I am a big fan things like this that are part of taking good care of ones self in simple and inexpensive ways. The categories of health are pretty straight forward. To name the basics – nutrition, movement and exercise, proper hydration, and mental/emotional. EFT is in the latter category. In previous posts I talk about meditative approaches to this as well. In addition to the EFT website you might check out Dr. Mercola’s EFT guide. It is laid out well and is easy to follow. Both his sight and the main EFT website have practitioner locator’s if you want to explore using it that way.

The last thing I want to mention on the issue of emotional health is that my wife Dianne Monroe has been busy of late studying the discipline of Expressive Arts Therapy. It is worth a look at her website to see another way of exploring the relation between the outer world and inner self.



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