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Media Matters Film Fest – Good Food December 10, 2006

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I have been doing reading and research on the topic of our food chain and our food culture. I did a recent post on the book Omnivore’s Dilemma which had a link to the authors site for the book. I have been following some of his links on sustainable food and came across this fun site of short films dealing with various food and farming issues. It is from the Media Matters Organizition. See Media Matters Films link on the right and take a look. I would start with film numbers 13 and 16. They are seven to eight minutes long. I think all the films are shorts and are very creative ways of dealing with weighty subjects.


Health and Healing Consortium December 7, 2006

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Today I placed a link to the Health and Healing Consortium. This organization has some tireless and dedicated women working hard to bridge the alternative and traditional medical communities in the San Antonio area. Here is what they have to say about their purpose:

Mission Statement

The Health and Healing Consortium is committed to fostering a sustained dialogue and collaborative relationships among alternative, integrative, traditional and conventional health care providers and users. The Health and Healing Consortium will establish and promote a forum for education, resources, and networking that expands the concept of health and healing.

I was asked a while back to join their advisory council which I did after some thought. Every time I have attended a meeting I have been amazed at the people I have been introduced to all across the health care spectrum! Recently they hosted a free lecture followed by a fee based workshop by Anna Chitty on trauma. The public talk addressed the frequency and types of trauma visited on people. She explored the devistating effects of trauma, the physiology of trauma to the body, spirit and mind, and ways to transform the effects positively. She is a great presenter so keep a watch out for her and her husbands work. Look up their School for Energy Studies in Colorado.

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